Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas - A Dump

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The Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas is located at the end of the strip, and the rooms are in desperate need of updating.Our bed linens had huge cigarette burns in them; dust mice around the base of the toilet.

We had requested a rollaway bed prior to arrival (as we had three kids with us), and had to do battle with management to get one once we got there. We asked for a quiet room and were put on the 25th floor, poolside, which seems reasonable, until we realized that the events manager for the Riviera had agreed to allow the Roller Derby convention people to party all night long by the pool...even with loudspeakers and DJ until 3:00am (and continued partying thereafter...pretty much non-stop, 24/7). All 5 of us were totally unable to sleep at all, and I even had silicone earplugs in and a pillow over the top of my head. Complained twice to the front desk, and were told "too bad".

Finally called at midnight the second night and they moved us to a room on the other side of the hotel (why they wouldn't move us there earlier is a testament to their lack of customer service). Stood in the looooong checkout line to complain and see if we could at least get a night comped, but to no avail. Miserable experience. The hotel is not located on a very nice part of the strip, and you can get very reasonable deals at other, cleaner, more customer service oriented hotels more centrally located (in fact, we did just that the following night).

Have stayed in several hotels this summer, and ALL of them...but the Riviera...have followed up with us in some way to ask if we were satisfied with our stay.I suppose they don't bother to ask because they don't really care about the answer.

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